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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Products And Shopping Experiences

Eternal Green was incorporated in 11 years, but spent the previous 10 years doing OEM until last July when we finally decided to be ourselves!

10 years of OEM experience is a valuable accumulation, so we began to chase the dream of the original brand! With the heart to create each baby, heart to serve each “life fans”.

Each positive feedback is a recognition, can not be separated from the efforts of each member of Eternal Green, from design, material selection, production, photography, post-sales, pre-sales, warehouse delivery to after-sales service of each link we have in the heart! We will try our best to reply to every message, whether it’s support or criticism, come @ me!

No matter how big we grow in the future, Eternal Green will always adhere to its own style and positioning, and will definitely carry out the value for money to the end!

Our Company

Buy with confidence! Our goods are genuine and directly from factory. Our goal is to serve with heart and treat people with sincerity!

It has long been an established fact that buyers are charged additional markups by shopping platforms while not getting product upgrades. What Eternal Green is trying to do is create a factory to customer zero mid-tier sale!

There are many shopping sites available, but most of them contain some form of modification, such as raising the price, or embellishing the description to appear not even slightly credible. If you’re going to shop online, you need to make sure you don’t pay more for the same thing. More importantly make sure that the description of the product does not conceal any embarrassing information about the product.

Our Team

The Eternal Green team is made up of 3 passionate young people with over 10 years of manufacturing export experience, we work well together for the common goal. We have always believed that unity is strength, and that lasting passion and good aesthetics can bring wealth!

Jessica Gordon


Bryan Joes


Angella Mike


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