2.5W Solar Bird Bath Fountain Water Pump With Battery Backup


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• The solar fountain can store power in direct sunlight. Equipped with 2.5w solar panel and built in 1000mAh battery, that ensure our water pump work continuously and steadily when the panel is shaded or even on cloudy days.
• Suitable for bird baths, fish tanks, ponds, garden decoration and aids well as a water circulation system for oxygen.
• There is built-in water level monitoring system, when the basin is out of water, it can automatically stop working.
• Easy cleaning, easy reallocation – small and compact.
• Multiple fountain heads for different water patterns.


Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump
Your garden will become more beautiful and will have more life on it when there are birds visiting and living in it. Consequently, having a garden means that there food that birds can eat. This attracts the birds to visit your garden. More so, waking up to the gentle and beautiful sounds of the birds chirping outside your window is such a beautiful experience. Aside from that, there is something almost therapeutic about it. This will help you put into a good mood instantly first thing in the morning. Moreover, what will make your garden even better for birds is by having a birdbath. Not only that, you can make it even more beautiful when you add this solar bird-bath fountain. Now, the birds will enjoy taking a dip and drinking water on your beautiful birdbath. You will enjoy spending time in the garden.

We’re here to promote our upgraded solar bath fountain to you! This lovely kit is made up of a highly efficient solar panel and a powerful brush-less pump. In addition, there’s 1,000mAH battery backup to ensure its working continuously and more steadily. These definitely will make your fountains or ponds to be the dream place for beautiful birds. Create a relaxing oasis right in your own backyard today!

Solarpanel power:10V 2.5W
Pump power: 7V 1.0W
Battery:7.4V 1000mAh
Maximum flow: 190L/H
Maximum water heigh: 24inch

Tips of Using the Solar Fountain Pump:

1. Let the solar water fountain work without spray head for seconds to let the air go out of the pump. This is very important, otherwise there might not be high water flow coming out.
2. Please check whether the water inlet of the pump is blocked or the nozzles get clogged.
3. Do not use the solar birdbath fountain in dirty or corrosive water. Change water frequently to avoid any dirt to block the pump.
4. Make sure there is no leaf or anything else shade a part of solar panel.




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